Cultivating a Space

Cultivate: verb, to prepare and work on (land) in order to raise crops; till.

The Cultivating process is intentional. It’s preparation, it has purpose, it has order.

The same is true for creating a physical space you love. It doesn’t have to be expensive, labor intensive, or elaborate, but it does need to be intentional. In fact, my favorite design clients are the ones on a budget. The ones who have little to spend, but are willing to be clever in their cultivation.

My favorite place to start with a design client is asking them for one object that they LOVE. It could be a coffee cup, a rug, a tea towel, or a hair barrette. Anything really. This item is rarely something random, found on Pinterest or in the end cap of a clearance aisle at Target. It’s often something that holds a memory or an experience. There’s often a story surrounding the object.

What would it look like if your entire home was made up of these objects? Memories. Feelings. Stories. Can you imagine? Can you imagine the inner feelings you would experience walking into THAT home? A home that reflects YOU. Not Pottery Barn or Joanna Gaines, but YOU?

If I had one design goal for every friend, every loved one, every client it would be that they find their own personal style. They would discover the visual elements that they love, that they hate, that brings them peace, and joy. Developing your own style starts with understanding your desires. Your style is a reflection of you and all that makes you, you. Isn’t that fun?!

Maybe it’s just me, but what I put on each day, what pillow I choose for my couch, and how I set the table for my birthday dinner guests are all reflections of me. Just like a brand is a reflection of a business, our style is a reflection of an individual.  Do you have a crafted style? Are you intentional with what you buy, wear, and put in your home?

Imagine a home filled with things that reflect you and your family. Imagine a space that speaks life and personality to any who enter. Imagine people knowing you, really knowing YOU, more by walking into your home. What would they say?

Some of the hardest work of developing your own style is reflecting on what you really know about yourself. This can often be a difficult process to begin- “I’m a stay home mom, who am I? Where do my kids and husband stop and I start?” “I’m a missionary with very little money. I take whatever hand me downs I can get and try to be as simple and modest as possible. What would I even express if I were to express myself through style?” “I’ve just been wearing whatever I see is on trend and it seems to work fine. People say I dress cute and my home always looks up to date- but would I say this is really me, or just whatever the Patone Color of the Year is?”

I encourage you to take some time to reflect on your style. Your home, your clothes, your table. Do they reflect who you really are, or better yet, who you really want to be?