Crafting a Drop Zone

Whether you live in 600 square feet (me) or 3,000 square feet, you HAVE a “drop zone.” A drop zone is just what it sounds- a place where you drop all. the. things. Get in at midnight? Shoes left at the door, keys on the kitchen counter, bag on the couch, and glasses in the bathroom. Wake up the next morning, foggy and tired, running late, rushing out the door. Now you play the game of "“try to find all. the. things.

A drop zone doesn’t have to be 15 different surfaces in your home. It CAN be system. A place that makes sense. A space that catches the chaos before it lands. After being in dozens of homes and helping ranging demographics find order and peace in their spaces, THE number one peace disruptor I find is a drop zone. A place that promotes function.

So what does it take to create a drop zone? Super simple. Find stuff around your home, take a quick looksy at Target, or hop on Amazon with less than $30 and purchase grab the following:

-a simple key hook

-a mail slot

-hooks for coats, hats, and bags (label for individual child with color or name to give them sense of ownership)

-a shoe basket or bin

It’s that simple y’all. Make it beautiful and lovely and you’ll feel more motivated to maintain the order.

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