To Dream.

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The 2018 You Are Women's Conference Leadership were given these Giving Keys in January. The key reads “DREAM.” I’ve had a dream for a while, one where I’m happy in what I’m doing vocationally. Where I feel called and with purpose in my work, and it’s cohesive to the lifestyle I desire.

Starting my career in youth nonprofit work- hard work that had me exhausted, spent, and emotionally drained, did not pan out the way I thought and desired. With my own personal tragedy in the mix, I left the job of service and sought out something more low key. 

I hopped admin jobs, taking time to stay in my lane and do what came most easily and naturally- organizing other people’s information. This provided the respite and self-care I so desperately needed during a time of healing, which I am forever grateful for, but lacked fulfillment and purpose that I so desired long term.

It was during this season that I started getting booked for design gigs. People asked, and I only said yes because it sounded fun and healing. 

A few years later, this year. The year I was given the key to “DREAM,” I had a realization. A calling of sorts. To bridge together my work in non-profit, my desire to help others #enneagram2 (eye roll), and my love and enjoyment for good interior design. An “ah-ha” moment. A calling.

What this year has been is a bridging of worlds, a coming together of ideas. Cultivate Your Space is not an interior decorating business, it’s not a personal organization business, it’s not a self- help or motivational business. And yet, it is. 

Cultivate Your Space is the fruition of hope to help others be fully well. Fully healed. Fully whole. Both in their Inner Spaces (heart, soul, mind) AND their Outer Spaces (the physical spaces we occupy- i.e. our homes, offices). The work I’ve done this year alongside friends, family, and now reaching outside to friends of friends and friends of family has been such a joy. The highlight has been helping people simplify and beautify their outer spaces while watching peace and productivity in their personal lives be greatly affected by those outer spaces. 

So in short: when asked “what do you do?” I answer “I help people heal. In their homes, from the outside in.” Simple enough, right?