I help create life-giving spaces that promote health and healing for you and your family

I do this by helping you create harmonious inner and outer spaces through intentional design, strategic organization, and a toxin-free home.

Outer Spaces: the physical areas we occupy


Michelle's goal  is to Cultivate Outer Spaces that are deeply intentional. The design process requires preparation,  purpose, and strategic order.

Creating an Outer Space you love doesn’t have to be expensive, labor intensive, or elaborate, but it does need to be intentional. My favorite design clients are the ones on a budget. The ones who have little to spend, but are willing to be clever in their cultivation.


A few recent projects:

Inner Spaces: mind, heart, & spirit


Our Inner Spaces affect every aspect of our Outer Spaces. What does it look like to congruently care for our internal and external spaces, believing each reflect the other. Our spirits require internal care and attention in order to cultivate a healthy Outer Space.

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A practice of reflection

The rhythms of self-care look different to each individual, but the purpose is to find rest, recover, and realign your heart with who you were created to be. Self-care can include a day of rest, a daily walk, "me time", or anything that refills your empty tank. This process of creating this rhythm of self-care will take intentional time and effort to craft a life-giving process that works for you indivudally. 


Stillness of Spirit

The ancient practice of mediation offers a quiet spirit and clear mind. Whether it's prayer, a mantra, or a moment of silence, this daily practice cultivates a steady internal status that then flows outward into our relationships, physical health, and balanced Outer Spaces.

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The mind/body connection

As a certified Yoga Instructor, my education and experience in the study of yoga has lead me to know that the movement of the body with direct correlation to our thoughts and spirit have a beautiful healing result. While all physical exercise is beneficial for health, I believe yoga is a requirement to forming a healthy mind/body connection that cultivates a balanced belief in one's self and their spaces. 

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Internal Order

structured thought patterns

The mind is a constant buzz with new information, images, and sounds. The process of creating internal order is a practice of divulging the internal noise into an external realm- typically consisting of thoughts written on paper. Ongoing written "to dos", a structured home calendar system, and a personal journaling practice can add extreme benefit to living a life of internal order.


Meet Michelle

Interior Decorator, Yoga Instructor,  Youth Pastor, Essential Oil Lover, Female Advocate, and Creative Guru

My enjoyment for beautiful design and innovative systems began at a young age. My mom recalls me organizing the pantry and rearranging my room every 3-4 weeks without her permission. My skill set grew as I left for college and began to intentionally craft my own home. 

With experience as my training, I've come to love the side hobby of helping friends, family, and clients create spaces in their homes that not only look inviting, but also promote mental and spiritual well-being.

After a traumatic event in my life, I learned that I needed to craft my own healing. I think many of us desire a home that can hold us well when we're healing from trauma or  physical illness. Any sort of healing takes time, and it's important that our outer spaces are pure and well in order for our inner spaces to rest. Not only do we desire our homes to cultivate a space of healing for ourselves, we desire for our homes to be a place of respite and healing for all who are hurting.

During my own time of healing, I used my design skills and love for beauty to encourage my heart back towards something to admire. It was through this process of my life coming undone that I began my intentional journey of cultivating a space of healing, in my home and my heart.  My desire is that my story encourages you, equips you, and blesses you to create your own home of health. May we all be cultivators of life and beauty.


Here's How I Can Help


Home Design Consulting

I will come to your home or workspace for a two hour consultation, where we'll discuss and problem solve specific target areas of your space. You'll walk away from our time together with a list of tangible next steps, a description of your personal style to help influence each purchase you make, and a clear understanding of how your space can function better.

Current Consultation Rate of $250

I work on projects of all shapes and sizes. Contact me to discuss your specific needs.


Small Group Gatherings

Host an intimate gathering for you and a group of friends where I'll share my vision and expertise for creating a home or work space that promotes PEACE, sparks PRODUCTIVITY, and invokes a feeling of WARMTH and INVITATION. We'll step back and take a look at the big picture and then hone in on the practical pieces with some simple tips and how-to's for making this a reality in your home (and/or work space). 


Speaking Engagements

Have me come to your women's conference, office luncheon, or interior decorating conference where I'll share a bit of my own journey and how healthy Inner Spaces and Outer Spaces led me to healing.


Create a toxin-free home

Join me on my healing journey as I learn more about what it looks like to have a healthy physical, emotional, and spiritual life using the tools of essential oils.



What my clients say


"helped us make instant changes"

“Michelle was able to reimagine the problematic spaces in our home so that they were both easier to use and more enjoyable to be in. She helped us make some instant changes, using the things we already owned, and set us reachable goals to add projects that felt so true to our aesthetic.” - Astrid S.

"Michelle Breathed life into our home"

"Michelle breathed life into our home. She took the time to understand our style, how we want to use our space, and completely put me at ease while working together. I have the peace of mind that our house is turning in to a home with style, functionality, and rest. I was blown away by her ability to reimagine how we could use things we already owned to make our space more enjoyable after our first meeting." - Amanda N.
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"make changes that will have a lasting impact."

"Michelle is intuitive about space; not only what will make your space look good, but also what makes it feel good. After a consult, you’ll have an agreed upon plan and you’ll be inspired and supported to actually accomplish it. She is a fantastic sounding board and knows when to be a design friend and when to be a no nonsense coach with the goal of adding beauty, peace, and order. No matter what size your budget is, she can help you make changes that will have a lasting impact." - Christine M.