Inner Spaces: mind, heart, & spirit


Our Inner Spaces affect every aspect of our Outer Spaces. What does it look like to congruently care for our internal and external spaces, believing each reflect the other. Our spirits require internal care and attention in order to cultivate a healthy Outer Space.

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A practice of reflection

The rhythms of self-care look different to each individual, but the purpose is to find rest, recover, and realign your heart with who you were created to be. Self-care can include a day of rest, a daily walk, "me time", or anything that refills your empty tank. This process of creating this rhythm of self-care will take intentional time and effort to craft a life-giving process that works for you indivudally. 


Stillness of Spirit

The ancient practice of mediation offers a quiet spirit and clear mind. Whether it's prayer, a mantra, or a moment of silence, this daily practice cultivates a steady internal status that then flows outward into our relationships, physical health, and balanced Outer Spaces.

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The mind/body connection

As a certified Yoga Instructor, my education and experience in the study of yoga has lead me to know that the movement of the body with direct correlation to our thoughts and spirit have a beautiful healing result. While all physical exercise is beneficial for health, I believe yoga is a requirement to forming a healthy mind/body connection that cultivates a balanced belief in one's self and their spaces. 

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Internal Order

structured thought patterns

The mind is a constant buzz with new information, images, and sounds. The process of creating internal order is a practice of divulging the internal noise into an external realm- typically consisting of thoughts written on paper. Ongoing written "to dos", a structured home calendar system, and a personal journaling practice can add extreme benefit to living a life of internal order.